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Products and Services
Email with the type of art and your name in the subject line and you will be emailed back payment information. 

Custom Watercolor

Email with "custom watercolor" in your subject and express what you are interested in.

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Multi Media Sports Art

Are you or your loved ones a big sports nut? This is the perfect gift!

Supply me with several images of the athlete, posed and in action, and if they have an awards. I will create a funky artsy vintage one of kind hand made painting!! This is a very detailed process and in demand so get on the waiting list early!

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NYC Prints

11x17 prints displaying the vibrancy of NYC.

Original Oil Painting

Email with "Original oil" in the subject line and express what oil painting you are interested.

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Psychic Readings

30 or 60 minute psychic readings. This is a channeled process that authentically gifts you with energetic qualities that I have channeled through divinely guided mediation.

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