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Where it all began…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Allow me to channel my 40 years of painting experience and intuition to encapsulate that moment in time for everyone to share when you met your soulmate.

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Love is what unites us all. Let the world know how your love story began


Why not tell your love story in a painting? It’s the age-old question: where did you first meet? Where did you pop the question? Let me capture the essence of that pivotal moment, that instant in time when everything changed for you and your partner. Couples have crossed paths in parks, on hiking trails, or by the water. Where’s your special place where the magic unfolded?



With my 40 years of extensive education and experience across various mediums, I’ll create a custom fine art painting on museum-quality canvas, using mixed mediums that are my specialty. Your artwork will be one-of-a kind, tailored specifically for you both. When it’s finished, your painting will be ready to display and hang on your walls—a timeless reminder of that special moment.

Size Choices:

  12 X16  Fine Art Oil Museum Gallery Wrap Canvas Painting - $900* 

• 16 X 20 Fine Art Oil Museum Gallery Wrap Canvas Painting - $1600* 
• 12 X 24 Fine Art Oil Museum Gallery Wrap Canvas Painting - $1900* 
• 24 X 30
Fine Art Oil Museum Gallery Wrap Canvas Painting - $3300* 
• 24 X 36 Fine Art Oil Museum Gallery Wrap Canvas Painting - $3700* 

*All prices do NOT Include Shipping and Handling



Note: On all sizes, packing materials and shipping are additional costs, with UPS insured shipping. A quote will be provided once the final delivery address is supplied. Pickup at the artist’s studio in Mineola, NY is also an option. All artwork includes specialized varnish for protection and wire brackets for easy hanging.

To get started, I will need a $100 (plus PayPal fees) Deposit 

What we need:
Once you decide, we require a deposit to begin the work, with an estimated 8-week turnaround time. Rush orders are accepted with an additional fee. Please note that all oils take one week to dry unless you specify a faster drying medium.


Email us your request along with photos, your cell number, and email address. We’ll send you a contract to sign, along with a request for a 50% deposit. Then, sit back and let the magic of your union come to life on canvas!

Please ensure your pick-up or delivery deadline is at least two weeks before the reveal.
For dates between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, add an additional 3 weeks for potential
holiday postal delays.


We wish you all the blessings life has to offer and thank you for allowing us the honor to
capture the essence of this special time in your life.

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