Art for the Soul

Treasures of the soul is a unique way to see the beauty of your soul through a channeled creative process. Through meditation I am able to view your Akashic records and the wisdom of our ancestors. I channel for you a one of a kind fine art creation that reminds you that you are a strong, authentically gifted, every time you gaze upon your soul’s journey artwork. It is designed for self-reflection and to empower you to connect you with your higher self and soul purpose.  Each fine artwork comes with its own life lesson video reading of the energetic qualities that came through as I painted. After you receive your energy portal painting it is suggested you sit with your artwork, through mindfulness or sleep and you will continue to receive encoded messages to assist you on the divinity within.

Why not give yourself a boost and shift into a more empowered self?

Package 1

Eyes to the Soul

Unframed Summer Sale Price: $192 USD | Reading: $50 | Free Shipping in USA

Mixed media portrait on 8.5x11in 100% acid free paper of your eyes and the color vibrations that speak to the soul of your higher self. This is a channeled process that authentically gifts you with energetic qualities that I have channeled through divinely guided mediation. A two-page video recording of your reading is available for an additional $50 dollars.

Package 2

Blended Spirit Animals

Unframed Price: $375 USD | Reading: $75 | Free Shipping in USA

Multimedia fine art painting on 100% cotton paper imported from England. This intuitively guided spirit animal will act as your guide and ally. A spirit animal is a reflection of you and is a constant reminder that you’re not alone on your journey. Each original artwork is infused with rich textures and blended spiritual images that will match your unique spiritual frequency. A three-page video recording of your reading is available for an additional $75 dollars.

Package 3

Soul Activation Guidance

Unframed Price: $652 USD  | Reading: $100 | Free Shipping in USA

Crafted on 11x15in on 100% acid free paper, using only the finest high-grade mixed media materials, blended with waters from all over the world it is not a surprise this is our most popular package. Each one is as unique as the person. No two are ever alike. Includes high vibrational guides and sacred images that have been intuitively brought forth to me, to help you connect with your higher self. A four-page video recording of your reading is available for an additional $100 dollars.

Package 4

Spirit Transformational Art

Unframed Price: $950 USD | Reading: $125 | Free Shipping in USA

Mixed media art is carefully executed onto an 11x14in Birchwood board with a 1.5-inch thickness. Your spirit guides will intuitively select from a variety of earth element such as sacred water, crystals and guided images that will open a spiritual portal that speaks to you and only you. This custom soul portrait will vibrate healing energy through symbols, and colors that will rejuvenate your spirit within you. A five-page video recording of your reading is available for an additional $125 dollars.

Package 5

3-Dimensional Soul Ascension Art

Unframed Price: $1,377 USD | Reading: $150 | Free Shipping in USA

Mixed media painting on an 16x20in aqua board, 1.5-inch thick. This is an interactive energy painting that will facilitate your seen and unseen gifts. Lisa calls upon your spirit guides and ancestors to reach celestial clarity to help bring forth powerful messages hidden within your innermost being. Spirit lead and guided Lisa will add from an elite group of earth elements, crystals, 3D elements and guided images that intuitively connects to your spirit, heart and soul. This portrait will weave together an intricate story using vivid colors and a plethora of geometric symbols to reflect your spiritual journey.  A six-page video recording of your reading is available for an additional $150 dollars.


*Please Note

For a small fee addition options to enhance your vibration for you personalized Spirit Art is a video readings!!

Shipping fees vary depending on your location outside of the USA and international sales have fees accordingly. Pick up at the studio by appointment only with one of our staff members can also be booked. Email for details!


“Life gives you those moments that take your breath away.” Receiving my soul portrait created by Lisa Fazio was one of those moments. She was able to capture numerous aspects of my being, both human and on the spiritual level. I am still taking in all the amazing energy is that Lisa represented and can feel the many different layers of love and grace. My heart and soul have been touched by Lisa. Much gratitude to her, a talented intuitive and friend."


 Diane McCarthy 

Lisa Fazio is a Parsons School Graduate. She is a psychic art medium in akashic records, and spiritual mentor, who is divinely guided by all four ‘clairs’.  She is a master international artist, photographer and educator. She has been featured in various publications and has been highlighted on many prominent social media platforms. Her artwork hangs in many private and public galleries, including exhibits and galleries. Lisa has been creating spirit transformation art in a variety of mediums and subjects for many years and is honored to share her gifts

Add high vibrational energy and healing to your daily life- with more joy, love and compassion for your heart and soul!

© 2019 by Lisa Fazio Artist

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