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About the Artist


Views on the Creative Process

“The foundation of my artwork I based on allowing my own creative process to unfold organically. I react emotionally to my visual surroundings by using my intuition and my soul’s spirit for guidance.  Detailed sketches and photographs help me get familiar with my subject. I am drawn to abstract designs, high contrasts and the color recipes found in nature.

Once back in my studio, I respond to the spontaneous splash of translucent washes of watercolors or big fresh juicy layers of oils and color until I find a design that emotionally pleases me. Some of my work stays in its original state of watercolor, while others are worked into rich layers of oil to ink, collaged handmade papers, and a variety of mixed mediums add volume and texture until it feels complete in how I envisioned it in my mind’s eye. My goal as an artist is to evoke a feeling that touches the heart and soul of the viewer. I hope that with each fine art piece I create transcends them into another dimension of inner thought and healing.” – Lisa Fazio

Giving Back

Over the years Lisa has been a part of many worldwide and local organizations donating her time and talent for the benefit of others. Countless radio and TV shows, art demonstrations, art shows in galleries and state wide museums, proclamations and dedications even earning her a key to her town from her local senator have been made in her honor for the hours of volunteer work and services.

Lisa has been acknowledged for her animal rescue efforts, designing parks for children, environmental development designs, dedication for 9/11 victims, a bereavement camp for children. She has painted endless murals for the benefits of children, donated many pieces of art for local and statewide organizations. Lisa has advocated and documented for over 6 years regarding traffic safety for children resulting in permanent action.



Lisa Fazio is a Parsons Graduate and award winning Master International Artist and educator. She has been featured on many prominent social media platforms. Her artwork hangs in many private and public galleries, including museum exhibits.

As a psychic art medium and light worker, she brings forth light codes using color, geometry and ethereal guidance to assist in her soul portraits to raise your vibration and frequency. Gifted in many Clairs, her strongest gift being clairvoyance (the sense of using the mind’s eye to perceive messages and images). Her artwork brings forth the blueprint of past and present life to reawaken and manifest your highest level of being in today's existence. 

Lisa uses vibrant hues and loose brush strokes in a fresh and contemporary style with a hip retro vibe. Lisa is able to psychically translate the energy and vibrancy of her subjects, be it a flower, client or even the bustling life of NYC.  Her work varies from pen and ink, watercolor, collage, acrylic and oils, as well as crystal work that carry high vibration healing energy. 

Lisa has ongoing, international travel illustrations, as well as an eye for photography. She is also a master watercolor artist, creating watercolors of flowers painted in lush delicate colors, which are amongst her forte. Lisa’s latest series of work includes over 30 oil pieces in her NYC Series titled “NYC Vibes”.

Lisa has been commissioned by Barnes and Noble, ABC, Wyndam Hotels, as well as by other many well-known interior designers, and celebrities such as Ray Romano. Lisa is a former president of International Toastmasters, gives lectures, teaches traveling workshops, and gives intuitive readings. She recently has been featured on the discovery channel and on World Art Day. 

Lisa’s love of art can be found in her years of teaching at The Garden Art studio since 1994. Through her teachings, she has helped past students earn full scholarships to colleges for art. She is committed to sharing her gifts and is involved with many volunteer projects including collaborations with many agencies, such as the endometriosis foundation and environmental aid. She has even had the privilege of being honored with the key to her town. 

You can follow her on Facebook or Instagram under LisaFazioartist for her most recent studio activity. For further information or inquiries visit

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